Physical mapping of the DDX1 gene to 348 kb 5' of MYCN

Hiroshi Kuroda, Peter S. White, Erik P. Sulman, Chitra F. Manohar, Jill L. Reiter, Susan L. Cohn, Garrett M. Brodeur

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One of the most important prognostic factors in neuroblastoma is amplification of the MYCN gene, which is strongly associated with advanced stages of disease and a poor prognosis. Although the MYCN amplicon sometimes spans more than 1 Mb, no other consistently expressed sequences from the MYCN amplicon have been reported. However, DDX1, a gene encoding a DEAD box: protein, was recently mapped to chromosome 2p24 and is frequently co-amplified with MYCN. Therefore, we performed genomic mapping with YACs to determine the physical relationship between DDX1 and MYCN, and whether DDX1 was contained within the core region of amplification. Based on YAC restriction mapping and content analysis, DDX1 maps 340 kb 5' of MYCN, outside the core domain of consistent amplification. Interestingly, we also determined by sequence analysis and detailed restriction mapping that G21, previously isolated as a 'neuroblastoma-specific' cDNA clone from an MYCN amplicon, is a partial cDNA of DDX1. Our data confirm that DDX1 is amplified in some but not all MYCN-amplified tumors, and that it is rearranged in other cases. This suggests that the co-amplification of DDX1 is due to its proximity to MYCN.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1561-1565
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Issue number7
StatePublished - Nov 2 1996
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  • Amplification
  • DDX1
  • DEAD Box protein
  • MYCN
  • Neuroblastoma

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    Kuroda, H., White, P. S., Sulman, E. P., Manohar, C. F., Reiter, J. L., Cohn, S. L., & Brodeur, G. M. (1996). Physical mapping of the DDX1 gene to 348 kb 5' of MYCN. Oncogene, 13(7), 1561-1565.