Quality of air contrast barium enema performed the same day as incomplete colonoscopy with air insufflation

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The quality of 17 air contrast barium enemas performed the same day as incomplete colonoscopies using air insufflation was compared with 21 air contrast barium enemas performed on a different day from incomplete colonoscopies. A gastrointestinal radiologist blinded to the timing of the procedures reviewed the barium studies scoring them as 1 (unsatisfactory) to 4 (excellent) in four areas. The mean overall quality score for the air contrast barium enemas done the same day as incomplete colonoscopy was 3.29 vs. 2.97 for those done on a different day (p = 0.24). There were no significant differences in quality scores between same-day versus different- day air contrast barium enemas for the specific parameters of quality of distention, barium coating, and amount of spasm. We conclude that when colonoscopy using air insufflation is incomplete because of looping or angulation, air contrast barium enema can be done the same day without impairing the quality of the barium study.

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StatePublished - Jan 1 1992


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