Recurrent anterior uveitis and glaucoma associated with inadvertent entry of ointment into the anterior chamber after radial keratotomy

Hanna J. Garzozi, Marcus S. Muallem, Alon Harris

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Anterior uveitis and elevated intraocular pressure (IOP) occurred after radial keratotomy that was complicated by microperforation and penetration of antibiotic ophthalmic ointment into the anterior chamber. Anterior uveitis and IOP elevation were observed during the early postoperative follow-up and 41 and 61 months after surgery. All 3 attacks responded well to topical anti- inflammatory and antiglaucoma treatment. The probable causes of the uveitis and glaucoma in this case are discussed.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1685-1687
Number of pages3
JournalJournal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery
Issue number12
StatePublished - Dec 1 1999


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