Recurrent pseudocyst formation in patients managed with endoscopic drainage: Pre-drainage features and management

D. A. Howell, G. A. Lehman, T. H. Baron, S. Sherman, T. Qaseem, D. T. Earle, B. B. Biber, W. G. Thaggard

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Surgical series of pancreatic pseudocyst (PP) drainage have emphasized that 10-20% of cases recur in follow-up and require re-intervention often with repeat surgery, including resection. Recurrences have been noted in early endoscopic PP drainage reports but with limited follow-up. PATIENTS: 108 patients undergoing attempted pseudocyst drainage at 3 referral centers had successful initial drainage accomplished in 100/108 (93%). All patients have been followed a minimum of 120 days after drainage (range 120-1400. mean-321). After documented PP resolution, recurrence has been documented in 13 (13%). RESULTS: Presence of: Chronic Obstructed Ductal Size Necrosis (%) panc duel stricture >10cm on CT Recurrence 61% 38% 23% 31% 8% n=13 No recurrence 66% 28% 24% 35% 19% n=87 p=NS Patients were retreated with endoscopic drainage in 11, by radiological drainage in 1, and by surgery in 1. Follow-up is ongoing. CONCLUSIONS: Dispite a mix of varied types of pseudocysts. recurrences were similiar in frequency to that reported in surgical series. There were no identified risk factors for recurrence although patients with necrosis showed a lower trend to recur. Repeat endoscopic drainage was possible in most patients, but further follow-up is required to be certain that further episodes of recurrence do not occur.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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JournalGastrointestinal endoscopy
Issue number4
StatePublished - Jan 1 1996
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