Regional myocardial perfusion assessed with generator-produced copper- 62-PTSM and PET

Pilar Herrero, Judy J. Hartman, Mark A. Green, Carolyn J. Anderson, Michael J. Welch, Joanne Markham, Steven R. Bergmann

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We have previously demonstrated that myocardial perfusion can be estimated accurately in experimental animals with the generator-produced positron-emitting tracer, 62Cu-pyruvaldehyde bis (N4-methylthio- semicarbazone)(62Cu-PTSM) and PET. This study evaluated the feasibility of quantifying regional myocardial blood flow using 62Cu-PTSM and PET in human subjects. Methods: Regional perfusion was estimated using a previously described and validated two-compartment model from dynamic PET scans obtained after an intravenous bolus of 62Cu-PTSM in 10 healthy volunteers and in 6 patients with coronary artery disease at rest; and in 9 of the volunteers and 4 of the patients after administration of dipyridamole intravenously. Flow estimates were compared with those obtained using H2-15O. Results: Contrast was high between myocardium and blood or lung with 62Cu-PTSM, resulting in high-quality myocardial images. Liver uptake was also high. At flows of up to 1.5 ml/g/min, flow estimated with 62Cu-PTSM correlated closely with estimates obtained with H215O (y = 0.71x + 0.21, n = 169 regional comparisons, r = 0.66, p < 0.05), but this relationship was not maintained at higher flows. Conclusion: The results demonstrate that quantification of myocardial perfusion with 62Cu-PTSM is feasible in human subjects but cannot be used to estimate hyperemic flows due most likely to the strong binding of the tracer to human serum albumin. Copper-62-PTSM congeners with less avidity for human albumin may prove more suitable for evaluation of hyperemic flows.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1294-3000
Number of pages1707
JournalJournal of Nuclear Medicine
Issue number8
StatePublished - Aug 1 1996
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  • PET
  • copper-62-PTSM
  • myocardial blood flow

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    Herrero, P., Hartman, J. J., Green, M. A., Anderson, C. J., Welch, M. J., Markham, J., & Bergmann, S. R. (1996). Regional myocardial perfusion assessed with generator-produced copper- 62-PTSM and PET. Journal of Nuclear Medicine, 37(8), 1294-3000.