Renal cell carcinoma with smooth muscle stroma lacks chromosome 3p and VHL alterations

Guido Martignoni, Matteo Brunelli, Diego Segala, Stefano Gobbo, Ioana Borze, Lilit Atanesyan, Suvi Savola, Luisa Barzon, Giulia Masi, Regina Tardanico, Shaobo Zhang, John N. Eble, Marco Chilosi, Tom Böhling, Liang Cheng, Brett Delahunt, Sakari Knuutila

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Renal cell carcinoma with prominent smooth muscle stroma is a rare neoplasm composed of an admixture of epithelial cell with clear cytoplasm arranged in small nest and tubular structures and a stroma composed of smooth muscle. In the epithelial component, loss of chromosome 3p detected by fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) has been reported and on this basis these neoplasms have been viewed as variants of clear cell renal cell carcinoma. To test the validity of this classification, we have evaluated the chromosome 3 and VHL status of three of these tumors using FISH, array comparative genomic hybridization, gene sequencing, and methylation-specific multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification analysis. None of the tumors showed deletion of chromosome 3p, VHL mutation, a significant VHL methylation, or changes in VHL copy number and all three tumors demonstrated a flat profile in the comparative genomic hybridization analysis. We conclude that renal cell carcinoma with smooth muscle stroma should be considered as an entity distinct from clear cell renal cell carcinoma.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)765-774
Number of pages10
JournalModern Pathology
Issue number5
StatePublished - May 2014



  • 34bE12
  • chromosome 3p
  • clear cell
  • cytokeratin 7
  • renal cell carcinoma with smooth muscle stroma
  • VHL

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Martignoni, G., Brunelli, M., Segala, D., Gobbo, S., Borze, I., Atanesyan, L., Savola, S., Barzon, L., Masi, G., Tardanico, R., Zhang, S., Eble, J. N., Chilosi, M., Böhling, T., Cheng, L., Delahunt, B., & Knuutila, S. (2014). Renal cell carcinoma with smooth muscle stroma lacks chromosome 3p and VHL alterations. Modern Pathology, 27(5), 765-774.