Riesgo de lesión por accidente laboral en trabajadores extranjeros (España, 2003 y 2004)

Translated title of the contribution: Risk of occupational injury in foreign workers in Spain [2003 and 2004]

Fernando G. Benavides, Emily Q. Ahonen, Cristina Bosch

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Objectives: To compare the risk of occupational injury (OI) by nationality in 2003 and 2004. Methods: OI were grouped into those occurring in Spaniards and those occurring in foreigners. For 2003, the first year in which this variable was available and there were a significant number of OI without a nationality code, classification of OI was as follows: (A) consideration of OI without a nationality code as occurring in foreigners, and (B) exclusion of OI without a nationality code from the analysis. Results: According to definition A, the relative risk (Spaniards as reference) of non-fatal OI was 4.39 (95%CI, 4.38-4.42) and 5.0 (4.5-5.6) for fatal OI. According to definition B, the relative risk of non-fatal OI was 0.72 (95%CI, 0.71-0.73) and 1.2 (95%CI, 0.9-1.5) for fatal OI. In 2004, when there were no codification problems, the relative risk was 0.95 (95%CI, 0.94-0.96) for non-fatal OI and 1.2 (95%CI, 0.9-1.4) for fatal OI. Conclusions: These highly contradictory results indicate the need to continue to monitor this occupational health problem, as well as to seek adequate management of data quality.

Translated title of the contributionRisk of occupational injury in foreign workers in Spain [2003 and 2004]
Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)44-47
Number of pages4
JournalGaceta Sanitaria
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jan 1 2008
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  • Occupational health
  • Occupational risk prevention

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