Specifying the integration of mental health and primary health care services for persons with HIV/AIDS: The Indiana integration of care project

Eric R. Wright, I. Michael Shuff

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    Most health care providers agree that the integration and coordination of primary and mental health care is critical for improving the continuity of care and the overall health status of people with HIV/AIDS. While some research examines programs designed to coordinate services for people living with HIV, very little research addresses the systems-level network integration of services in AIDS care. In this paper, a research-services demonstration program, the Indiana Integration of Care Project (IICP), is described. The program is intended to enhance the integration of mental health centers with the primary health-care sector for people living with HIV/AIDS in Indiana. A network theory of the structural factors influencing the patterns of integration between these sectors is offered. Drawing on baseline survey data, the current pattern of interorganizational network relationships of mental health centers with the AIDS care sector is described, and a preliminary examination of the theoretical framework guiding the IICP program is presented. The authors conclude with an overview of the planned systems-level network development intervention designed to enhance the ties between these service areas in the northeastern region of the state.

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    JournalSocial Networks
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    StatePublished - Jan 1 1995


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