Streptococcus mutans ribosomal preparations: purification and properties.

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Ribosomal preparations were obtained from Streptococcus mutans. Sucrose density gradient analyses showed the ribosomes to be 70S and dissociated subunits to be 56S and 34S. The ribosomal preparation contained 57.4% RNA and 42.6% protein and gave an absorption maximum at 260 nm and a minimum at 235 nm and ribosomal particles were approximately 150-180 X 190-220 A as determined by electron microscopy. Immunodiffusion analysis of pooled antiserum raised by injecting the ribosomal preparation into rabbits disclosed precipitin lines with glucosyltransferase and lipoteichoic acid preparations from S. mutans. Gas chromatography showed rhamnose and glucose to be present in the ribosomal preparation indicating the presence of nonribosomal carbohydrate materials. The ribosomes were able to synthesize precipitable polypeptides when exogenous mRNA and tRNA were added and anti-ribosomal antibodies reduced this activity. Protease treatment rendered the ribosomal preparation less immunogenic in rats and less antigenic when the ribosomal preparation was used to coat erythrocytes for passive haemagglutination assays, while RNase treatment of the ribosomal preparation had no effect, suggesting that a protein(s) is the principal immunogenic moiety of the ribosomal antigen. Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of the ribosomal preparation revealed 27 protein bands of which five were found to react with hyperimmune rabbit antisera to the S. mutans ribosomal preparation by Western blot analysis. Washing the ribosomal preparation with 1 M NH4Cl did not remove any of the five immunogenic ribosomal protein antigens indicating that these were innate ribosomal proteins.

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