Subcellular distribution of tissue radiocopper following intravenous administration of 67Cu-labeled Cu-PTSM

Ingrid D. Baerga, Roger P. Maickel, Mark A. Green

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The subcellular distribution of radiocopper in the brain and liver of rats has been determined following i.v. administration of Cu-PTSM, pyruvaldehyde bis(N4-methylthiosemicarbazonato)copper(II), labeled with copper-67. Homogenized tissue samples were separated by differential centrifugation into four subcellular fractions: (I) cell membrane + nuclei; (II) mitochondria; (III) microsomes; and (IV) cell cytosol. Upon sacrifice at 10 min post-Cu-PTSM injection, brain fractions, I, II, III and IV contain 35 ± 12, 11 ± 3, 2.8 ± 1.3 and 51 ± 7% of brain activity, respectively (n = 4). In animals sacrificed 24 h post-injection the subcellular fractions of brain tissue show little change from the radiocopper distribution seen at 10 min post-injection, although the mitochondrial fraction may contain slightly more tracer and the cytosolic fraction slightly less (I, 40 ± 10%; II, 18 ± 5%; III, 3.4 ± 1.5%; and IV, 38 ± 5%; n = 5). Subcellular fractions I, II, III and IV of liver contain 25 ± 5, 12 ± 3, 17 ± 4 and 46 ± 6% of 67Cu tracer in animals sacrificed 10 min post-Cu-PTSM injection. An identical subcellular distribution of 67Cu, was found in the liver following i.v. administration of ionic radiocopper (as Cu-citrate). The liver and brain cytosolic fractions at 10 min post-injection were further separated by Sephadex column chromatography. In liver cytosol, three different radiocopper components with molecular weights of about 140,000, 41,000-46,000 and 10,000-16,000 Da were found. In the brain supernatant fraction, most of the radiocopper was bound to a single low molecular weight cytosolic component (14,000-16,000 Da). These results suggest that the intracellular decomposition of tracer Cu-PTSM may result in the radiocopper entering the normal cellular pools for copper ions.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)697-701
Number of pages5
JournalInternational Journal of Radiation Applications and Instrumentation.
Issue number6
StatePublished - Aug 1992
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