Summary and discussion of methods and results of the Adult Day Health Care Evaluation Study.

S. C. Hedrick, M. L. Rothman, M. Chapko, J. Ehreth, P. Diehr, T. S. Inui, R. T. Connis, P. L. Grover, J. R. Kelly

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This article summarizes the study results and presents an evaluative summary of the implementation of study methods designed to provide guidance in the degree of confidence with which the results may be accepted and generalized to other situations. Patients who were offered VA-ADHC services in the first phase of this study had significantly higher VA health care costs on average than patients assigned to customary care, with no apparent incremental health benefit to themselves or their care givers. One can have a high level of confidence in these results. The ADHC clinical services were implemented as planned, the randomized controlled trial was implemented successfully, and such threats to validity as insufficient numbers of patients and differential attrition were not present. Certain subgroups of patients assigned to VA-ADHC had VA costs of care that were not significantly higher than those assigned to customary care, although these results must be interpreted with caution. The findings of the second phase of the study evaluating contract ADHC provide no support for choosing to provide either contract ADHC or VA-ADHC over the other. The nonrandomized design and smaller sample size suggest that inferences from the contract ADHC evaluation should be drawn with more caution than those from the VA-ADHC evaluation.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)SS94-103
JournalMedical care
Issue number9 Suppl
StatePublished - Sep 1 1993
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Hedrick, S. C., Rothman, M. L., Chapko, M., Ehreth, J., Diehr, P., Inui, T. S., Connis, R. T., Grover, P. L., & Kelly, J. R. (1993). Summary and discussion of methods and results of the Adult Day Health Care Evaluation Study. Medical care, 31(9 Suppl), SS94-103.