Systemic side effects of glaucoma medications.

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A brief review of the common systemic side effects of the various medications used to treat glaucoma on an outpatient basis has been presented. This review is not complete, and the variety of side effects that may be caused by these drugs is extensive. Because it is usual for glaucoma patients to use several different drugs concurrently, the range of possible side effects in a given individual is large and serious. Not only should the ophthalmologist be familiar with the side effects of these medications, but all physicians involved in the patient's care should be aware of the glaucoma medications being used and consider these medications when the patient has symptoms or complications. Because the patient rarely associates the use of an eyedrop with problems in his or her general health, it is especially incumbent upon the physician to suspect and recognize these problems. Physicians should also elicit problems that the patient may not even complain of so alterations in therapy may be made.

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JournalIndiana medicine : the journal of the Indiana State Medical Association
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StatePublished - Feb 1 1989
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