Update on adolescent condom use

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PURPOSE OF REVIEW: Pregnancy prevention efforts in the USA have largely focused on the use of hormonal contraceptive methods, relegating male condoms to discussions of 'dual-method' contraception or sexually transmitted infection prevention. With national attention and funding directed toward adolescent pregnancy prevention, a renewed focus on adolescent condom use, specifically addressing contraceptive benefits, is both timely and relevant. RECENT FINDINGS: Two recent developments in condom use research are essential to increasing consistent condom use. First, there is a necessary shift toward understanding the relationship dynamics of condom use. As a coital event level contraceptive, condom use requires negotiation and participation from both participants. Second, there is increased attention to the condom itself as a determinant of use. Improvements in condom design, feel, and lubrication have reduced differences in sexual pleasure with condom use and nonuse. SUMMARY: Promoting the initiation and maintenance of condom use across multiple partnered sexual encounters requires understanding of individual, dyadic, and condom attributes.

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JournalCurrent Opinion in Obstetrics and Gynecology
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StatePublished - Oct 1 2011


  • adolescent
  • condom negotiation
  • condom use
  • contraception
  • sexual pleasure

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