Visualization in genomics and proteomics

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In the age of high-throughput biological technology, experimental data have grown exponentially. Searching for data structures and succinctly presenting them is challenging but all the more essential. Genomic and proteomic data are by nature multi-dimensional. Different approaches and tools are needed for visualization to aid the exploration as well as quality assessment of the experimental data. The bon mot A picture is worth a thousand words expresses the importance of visualization in conveyance of information. Visualization tools not only help us to communicate but also help us to think, organize knowledge and discover new patterns. The indispensability of visualization is best attested by its extensive day-to-day use in presentations, papers and books. Recent discussion about ideas and tools pertaining to genomic and proteomic data can be found in (Gentleman et al., 2005); (Hahne et al, 2006).

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