What makes research feminist?

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Feminists have provided invaluable critiques of traditional research methods. However, there is a difference of opinion in the social sciences as to what constitutes feminist research. Just as there is no one definition of feminism, there is no one definition of feminist research. Yet it is important that research be identified as feminist to advance feminist causes, particularly in a field such as MFT in which feminism has been more influential in clinical practice than research. In this paper, the author argues for broader parameters of feminist research than those offered by Reinharz (1992). The author also summarizes and responds to feminist critiques of traditional research and offer an example of a published research study in the MFT field that the author believes has feminist implications but would not be identified as feminist by a narrow definition of feminist research.

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JournalJournal of Feminist Family Therapy
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StatePublished - Oct 11 2000
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